What’s Trending in Kitchen Remodeling in Fort Collins, CO?

Planning a home improvement project that includes kitchen remodeling in Fort Collins, CO? If so, chances are good you already know that kitchen renovations can deliver a great return on your investment – if you make smart, on-trend choices with your designs.

Here’s the latest must-haves when remodeling a kitchen in Fort Collins:

Smart Kitchen Technology

Bring your kitchen up to speed by integrating the latest tech features into your renovation plans. Add a dedicated charging station for your mobile devices complete with integrated, wall-mounted USB outlets that let you keep your phone close by while you’re whipping up dinner.

Consider integrating a Smart TV into your design so you can catch your favorite shows while you cook, and while you’re at it, be sure to include Bluetooth speakers and ‘smart’ voice-activated lighting and appliances too.

Level Up Your Lighting

Let’s face it – winters here in the Centennial State can be long, cold, and really dark – that’s why it makes sense to add lots of lighting during your Fort Collins kitchen remodeling project.

Look for ultra-efficient LED lights – they emit almost no heat, come in both bulbs and custom-cut strips, and are even available in a huge range of colors. Consider adding some pot lights for general illumination, strips of LED lights under the cabinets to light up your counter tops, and even some floor-level lighting for those late night snack attacks.

After all, “there’s too many lights in this kitchen” said no one – ever!

Smaller Ovens

Unless you’re roasting up 30-pound turkeys on a regular basis, chances are good you don’t really make use of your standard 30-inch oven. (And if you do, kudos to you!)

Euro-style 24-inch wall ovens are gaining popularity, thanks to the fact that these sleek, feature-packed units free up valuable space in your kitchen without compromising on performance.

Better yet, switching to a small wall oven during your Fort Collins kitchen remodeling project lets you choose what type of stove top you’d like, and where you want it to go.

Always wanted a few induction burners on your kitchen island? No problem! By thinking ‘outside the box’ and installing a smaller in-wall oven, you’re free to create your ideal kitchen layout.

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