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Design and Remodel Your Dream Bathroom

The bathroom is the most popular room in the home for remodeling, and it’s easy to see why. You spend most of your time in your bathroom while you’re getting ready to head out into the world to face your day, and being surrounded by a room that’s beautiful and efficient can get you off to a good start.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel in Fort Collins, you need to take the time to get the design right and work with a contractor who can deliver the bathroom of your dreams. Here are a few tips to consider as you approach the design of your new bathroom.

1. Start With Your Countertop and Floor Choices

The tile you have underfoot and the countertop on which you spread out all your grooming products will affect the way you feel about your bathroom every time you step inside, so start here when planning your design. Remember that large tiles are more slippery than smaller ones. Don’t choose your materials from a photo, but make sure you see them and touch them in person to make sure you’re getting what you want.

2. Find a Way to Hide the Toilet

No one wants to see a toilet the second they step into a bathroom. If you have space, build a niche or a half-wall around your toilet so your eyes are drawn elsewhere when you come in the room.

3. Choose Standard Size Fixtures to Keep Costs Under Control

Did you know that bathtubs come in standard sizes? The same with sinks, toilets, showers, and even vanities. Maybe you have your heart set on that old-fashioned claw-foot bathtub — and that’s fine if it’s in your budget. But if you limit your choices to standard sizes, you’ll find more choices and lower costs.

4. Convert Your Tub to a Shower — Or More Storage

If you’re one of the many people who rarely or never takes a bath, then why let that bathtub take up so much prime real estate in your bathroom. Consider converting it to a luxury spa shower that you’d really enjoy. Or if you already have a shower in place, opt for extra storage so you don’t have to go down the hall to the linen closet to get clean towels.

Your Fort Collins bathroom remodeling contractor can help you make wonderful choices as you design the perfect bathroom.

fort collins bathroom remodelingThese bathroom design ideas may sound a bit unusual but they’re actually quite stylish. Artisan Remodeling, your Fort Collins Bathroom Remodeling company, will make the unusual possible.  It doesn’t matter if it hides, stands out or transforms your space–these latest designs will definitely change the way you view your bathroom and allow your personality to shine.

Stand Out

Fireplace:  Television screens are becoming common in bathrooms, so why not a fireplace?  Turns out adding a fireplace is the newest thing for bathrooms.  It’s a great addition for large bathrooms especially in the wintertime.

Pebbled Floor:  Get the spa treatment in your own bathroom with pebbled floors.  It gives the feet a much needed massage with every step.  It’s also very stylish and innovative.

Faux Window:  Windows are a must have in bathrooms as it opens up the space.  For bathrooms with no windows just replace that Van Gogh with a faux window!  This window will bring the outdoors to your bathroom even if it’s nothing more than a painting with glass on top.

Blend In

Medicine Cabinets:  Medicine cabinets tend to stand out. Blend medicine cabinets in with two different ways:  hidden or hung.  Hidden medicine cabinets are simply built into the wall behind the mirror(s). This is a fun idea ideal for any bathroom low on space.

Dresser Vanity:  Vanities are starting to be an option for storage.  An alternative is to use a dresser in the bathroom and add a drop-in sink on top.  Small and large bathrooms can benefit from this trend.  Blend this in with the bathroom decor and make the whole room feel elegant, professional and stylish.

Lighting:  Lighting is still done overhead, but what do you think about illuminating the floor?  A trick being used now is to add lighting to the floor underneath the cabinet, and most people just love the warmth it adds to their space.

Rug:  Don’t want to buy a bath rug?  Place a real rug in the bathroom.  Unlike a bath rug, a living room or hallway rug can withstand more than just water.


Stripes:  Bathrooms are made to be one color, so turning your bathroom into a striped pattern is very unusual.  Still it can work out with the right colors.  Stripes bring flowing movement to a stationary room but not to the point of being “too much.”  Stripes also show that there’s no borderline.  It’s never-ending.  Make this look perfection by choosing two colors that compliment the space and each other while being easy on the eyes.

Wallpaper:  Brightly colored wallpaper with fun, flowing designs will convert the bathroom completely.  It truly shows off your personality and takes you into another world.  With brightly-designed wallpaper balance it out with solid colors.  Make sure the toilet, sink, storage space, bathtub/shower and other bathroom accessories are one solid color.  You don’t want too much going on at one time.

Contact us for more information on trendy bathrooms, and with our help, your bathroom will be one of a kind.