Once upon a time American workers didn’t NEED a home office, or a home gym, or a home theater. These were optional spaces, nice extras for those who sometimes had to answer some emails after hours, or who didn’t feel like hiking out to the gym, or who really liked their at-home film experience.

But a lot has changed in 2020, and as of this article’s publish date hundreds of millions of Americans are stuck at home round the clock, and it’s getting REALLY old REALLY fast.

Fortunately, there is a Fort Collins Finished Basement solution that can help you make the most of this difficult situation. And that solution is your basement, professionally finished by none other than yours truly: Artisan Remodeling & Design!

Reason #1 why you should finish your basement: Space

The more time you and your family spend in your house the smaller your space is going to feel—and the crazier everyone is going to feel stuck inside it. Finishing your basement is the easiest way to add significant livable square footage to your home, which provides more space for everyone to spread out and get off each other’s nerves.

Reason #2: Comfort

Finished basements are naturally cozy. They’re cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making them the perfect at-home sanctuary during extreme temperatures and pandemics alike.

Reason #3: Purpose Built Spaces

Unfinished basements are a natural fit for all the much-needed spaces of the moment like home gyms and fitness centers, home offices, craft and hobby rooms, home bars, and in-home theaters where you and your family can spend some peaceful quality time.

You can choose to go with the basics (drywall, flooring, electrical) and get up and running fast, or go with a more comprehensive basement remodel to create a lasting, useful, and beautiful space for your own use in the short term, and for entertaining and hosting once social distancing ends.

Reason #4: Home Value

Remodeling does more than just improve your experience at home in the short term. It also benefits home value and resale potential years down the road.

We all know the financial system is unstable right now, and we definitely can’t tell you how to invest or where to put your money. But we can say that in ten years people will still need houses and at that point, if you’re looking to make a move, a finished basement would be a great asset to show off.

Ready to Serve

If you’ve been struggling with all this time at home and remodeling to finish your basement sounds like something you’d be interested in, let us know! Artisan Remodeling & Design serves the Fort Collins and Loveland areas of Colorado and we are open for business as we take every precaution to limit social interaction and protect the health and safety of our team members, partners, and clients.

Call us today at 970-691-6995 for more information about our Fort Collins Finished Basement service.


Have you got one of those basements that is kind of dark and creepy?  Maybe you use it for storage, but the only thing that goes down there and stays for more than a minute are the spiders that are leaving the cobwebs in the corners.  Maybe you’ve never given much thought to finishing your basement in your Fort Collins home, but it could be the square footage you’ve been looking for to create your media room.

Media Rooms Gain in Popularity

As families look for ways to cut down on entertainment costs, a movie night at home is often the solution.  Some candy, microwave popcorn, and a movie rental are a good substitute, but some families still miss the feeling of a theater.  A media room can provide that special ambiance that makes a movie night something special.  In addition to watching movies, families and friends enjoy playing video games and watching sporting events on a big screen in a designated media room.

Basements Transformed Into Media Rooms

Unfinished basements may be the perfect solution to families looking for a space for a media room.  The underground space is inherently dark, which means windows won’t be causing any problems with viewing the screen.  A reputable remodeling company can finish the room with drywall and incorporate wiring for the sound system at the same time.  This is also the perfect time to have special lighting installed for the space, including sconces, recessed lighting, or whatever you prefer.  Finish it off with the flooring of your choice (that’s easy to clean!) and you’ll have a dream media room.

If you’re in Northern Colorado and ready to remodel your basement into a media room or some other family space, contact us.  We would be happy to look at your basement and give you an estimate.  We strive to provide exceptional customer service and top-quality workmanship so that you can start enjoying your basement (instead of the spiders).