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2020 is well underway and so far, it’s been a doozy. But not all things 2020 need to be a big flaming ball of stress and mayhem, as this article will prove. We invite you to sit back, grab a nice cool drink, and read on about all the new and exciting Bathroom Tile Trends […]

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Once upon a time American workers didn’t NEED a home office, or a home gym, or a home theater. These were optional spaces, nice extras for those who sometimes had to answer some emails after hours, or who didn’t feel like hiking out to the gym, or who really liked their at-home film experience. But […]

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The world won’t soon forget the pandemic of 2020, and there’s no telling when the need for social distancing will end. While we all want things to go back to normal, many of us are still feeling a bit weary and prefer to stay at home, where we can remain safe and healthy. In this […]

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Why do businesses spend so much money making offices comfortable and attractive for their employees? Because the spaces we inhabit change the way we work. That’s the value and power of a well-designed, fully furnished home office. Designing, decorating, and remodeling your home to include a home office is a real option that can give […]

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Will this be the year? The year you finally take the plunge and ditch your old kitchen? At Artisan Remodeling & Design, we hope it is! Investing in any fresh space can have a remarkable impact on the way you feel about your home and your entire day-to-day experience, and that goes double for the […]

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Maybe it’s a decades-old bathroom complete with the original wallpaper, or a closed-off kitchen with cabinets that have seen too many coats of paint over the years. Or it could be a dirty, unfinished basement with so much wasted potential. Maybe it’s all of these at once. In all of these cases and more, remodeling […]