remodel your unfinished basementYou love your house. It took some time, but you’ve turned it into a real home complete with pencil marks from measuring children’s growth on the bedroom door moldings, and countless wonderful memories. You’ve devoted years to your yard and gardens. Also, you love your neighborhood, your neighbors, and the schools your children attend.

However, as those handmade growth charts reflect, your children are growing and so is their need for space. Between the toys, books, sports equipment and friends that come to hang out for hours on end, you find yourself constantly tripping over things and people. Maybe the thought of moving makes you sad, or isn’t the right thing for your family. There could be countless reasons you may not want to move out of your home. There is a perfect solution to the space problem: basement remodeling Fort Collins.

Imagine a whole other level of space, custom-designed for the needs of your growing family. You could have another bedroom, or two, or a second family room perfect to send the kids to when things get too loud and crowded. In addition, you can entertain for the holidays and invite everyone knowing you have the room. And if mornings have become stressful with so many sharing a bathroom, then just think what an extra shower could do for peace in the family and for your blood pressure.

By turning your basement into living space, you can make your house a comfortable place to come home to once again. It can be a faster, easier process than you might believe. For more information, contact us.

fort collins bathroom remodelingThese bathroom design ideas may sound a bit unusual but they’re actually quite stylish. Artisan Remodeling, your Fort Collins Bathroom Remodeling company, will make the unusual possible.  It doesn’t matter if it hides, stands out or transforms your space–these latest designs will definitely change the way you view your bathroom and allow your personality to shine.

Stand Out

Fireplace:  Television screens are becoming common in bathrooms, so why not a fireplace?  Turns out adding a fireplace is the newest thing for bathrooms.  It’s a great addition for large bathrooms especially in the wintertime.

Pebbled Floor:  Get the spa treatment in your own bathroom with pebbled floors.  It gives the feet a much needed massage with every step.  It’s also very stylish and innovative.

Faux Window:  Windows are a must have in bathrooms as it opens up the space.  For bathrooms with no windows just replace that Van Gogh with a faux window!  This window will bring the outdoors to your bathroom even if it’s nothing more than a painting with glass on top.

Blend In

Medicine Cabinets:  Medicine cabinets tend to stand out. Blend medicine cabinets in with two different ways:  hidden or hung.  Hidden medicine cabinets are simply built into the wall behind the mirror(s). This is a fun idea ideal for any bathroom low on space.

Dresser Vanity:  Vanities are starting to be an option for storage.  An alternative is to use a dresser in the bathroom and add a drop-in sink on top.  Small and large bathrooms can benefit from this trend.  Blend this in with the bathroom decor and make the whole room feel elegant, professional and stylish.

Lighting:  Lighting is still done overhead, but what do you think about illuminating the floor?  A trick being used now is to add lighting to the floor underneath the cabinet, and most people just love the warmth it adds to their space.

Rug:  Don’t want to buy a bath rug?  Place a real rug in the bathroom.  Unlike a bath rug, a living room or hallway rug can withstand more than just water.


Stripes:  Bathrooms are made to be one color, so turning your bathroom into a striped pattern is very unusual.  Still it can work out with the right colors.  Stripes bring flowing movement to a stationary room but not to the point of being “too much.”  Stripes also show that there’s no borderline.  It’s never-ending.  Make this look perfection by choosing two colors that compliment the space and each other while being easy on the eyes.

Wallpaper:  Brightly colored wallpaper with fun, flowing designs will convert the bathroom completely.  It truly shows off your personality and takes you into another world.  With brightly-designed wallpaper balance it out with solid colors.  Make sure the toilet, sink, storage space, bathtub/shower and other bathroom accessories are one solid color.  You don’t want too much going on at one time.

Contact us for more information on trendy bathrooms, and with our help, your bathroom will be one of a kind.

Home Remodeling Company in Fort Collins COIt seems like the trend these days is do-it-yourself. Home improvement shows on television make everything look easy, and the commercials for hardware stores say they will help you get things done. But to be honest, not everyone has the time or the skills to DIY, as this story we came across will show. If this sounds familiar to you, let a home remodeling company in Fort Collins help you out.

A young, ambitious couple just moved into their first house, and decided they wanted to install a set of pull-down steps to provide easier access to the attic. They cut the hole for the stairs, and couldn’t believe how well their first major project was going. The husband went up in the attic to secure the stair frame to the joists, while the wife stood underneath the stairs holding it in place. Once the husband finished securing the frame, he called down to the Mrs. to pull on the cord and release the stairs so he could get out of the attic. The cord wouldn’t budge for some reason, and after a minute she discovered that the stairs had been nailed shut to keep them from coming open during shipping. Panic set in as they realized the husband was trapped in the attic with the only hammer they owned, so there was no way to pull the nails out and let the stairs down. Now, this couple could have borrowed a neighbor’s hammer or even run to the store to get another one, but th ey ended up calling 911 to have the local emergency squad rescue them from their first home improvement project.

Some people just aren’t handy, or don’t have time to tackle the projects they would like to do around the house. Whether you have some little jobs that need to be taken care of, or you’re planning a big project like a bathroom or kitchen remodel, contact us. We’re licensed, insured, and we guarantee you will be satisfied with our work, without any embarrassing stories to tell.

sun room design fort collinsAs temperatures start to drop across Colorado, we can look forward to spending more time gathering with friends and family in our homes for holiday parties and festive meals.

But of course, with our extra guests comes the need for extra space, which is why a sunroom could be the perfect addition to your home.  Here are a few reasons why:

  • Sunrooms add valuable square footage to your home, as well as much-needed space for when guests gather at the holiday season.  For large meals like Thanksgiving, you can use your sunroom as a bonus dining area.  That way, you’ll be sure to comfortably fit in every single person on your guest list.
  • Sunrooms (not surprisingly!) let in a tremendous amount of natural light, which you’ll appreciate even more during the shorter, darker winter months.  More sunlight also means added natural warmth in your home, and for those who miss getting to spend more time outdoors, a sunroom can be a relaxing spot to soak up some rays.
  • Sunrooms can be the perfect place for a homework area, reading nook, or home office.  Because it’s a flexible space, your sunroom has the ability to grow and change with the needs of your family.

As with any remodeling project in Fort Collins, you can count on the experience and expertise of Artisan Remodeling and Repair to build you the sunroom of your dreams.  Contact us to learn more about our family owned and operated business, and to see examples of our work from throughout Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor.


bathroom remodeling in fort collinsWe’d all like to have an oasis in our home… a place where we can retreat from the day, relax, and even pamper ourselves a little.  That’s why building a spa bathroom is such a wonderful project.  The average bathroom remodeling in Fort Collins project brings in a great return on investment–around 80%–and you’ll enjoy your spa retreat for years to come.

So how can you create the bathroom of your dreams?  For starters, make sure you’re working with a trusted, professional team like Artisanal Remodeling and Repair.  When dealing with plumbing, electrical, and installation projects, it’s critical to bring in experienced people who can help make your dream design a reality.

As for that design, the world really is your oyster!  There are so many amazing features to be found in high-end bathrooms these days, it’s simply a matter of choosing what best suits your needs and tastes.  Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • A frameless glass shower door is the height of elegance in a modern spa bathroom.  These gorgeous doors give the illusion of floating without support, so especially if you have a smaller space, it will feel as open as possible.
  • Another important choice is flooring.  Ceramic tile is a great option that comes in endless varieties and functions well in a high-traffic bathroom.  Even better, you can carry some of your tile onto the wall, either to differentiate between the wet and dry spaces, or to create a fabulous focal tile wall in your shower.
  • Don’t forget about the extras.  Radiant floor heatingheated towel racks, and custom lighting are all features that will make your bathroom truly feel like a spa.

Once we’ve completed the spa oasis of your dreams, it just may be your favorite in the house!  Contact us to learn more, and for a free estimate.