new bathroom trendsOne thing is clear, new kitchen trends and new bathroom trends are continually evolving. Over the past century, Americans started “hanging out” in the kitchen instead of formal living rooms, and a culture of standing around the center island was born. In the past decade, the allure of a spa-like bathroom filled with comfort and style has emerged as another popular area for relaxation and enjoyment.

Busy professionals and stay-at-home parents alike have started to look forward to time spent soaking in a tub after a hard day of work at the office – or in the home. Whether you’re interested in a completely new bathroom or just a few enhancements, the new world of bathroom remodeling offers several beautiful and enjoyable trends.

Let the Light Shine In

New Bathroom Trends Create Beautiful Bathrooms

While every bathroom doesn’t lend itself to massive windows and gorgeous skylights, significant remodeling of today’s bathrooms often includes discussions of enhancing natural light. Squinting into a mirror in the morning under the bright gaze of a fluorescent light isn’t an enjoyable way to start the day.

On the other hand, lights with dimmers and softly illuminated track lighting offers a much subtler way to begin the day. The tiny porthole windows of the past are also gone from many newly remodeled bathrooms. Large windows above the tub or to the side of the sink that allow the sun’s warm light to cascade into the space are much more popular than high, inaccessible windows.

The National Kitchen & Bath Association recommends cross-lighting for placing lights around the bathroom mirrors. They define this concept as:

“Light sources should be placed so that light emanates from above, below, and both sides of the mirror. This technique is called cross-lighting, effectively eliminates shadows. If you have light coming only from above, it hits your eyebrows, causing shadows beneath your eyes—not an encouraging sight first thing every morning.”

The Evolution of Tubs and Showers

A claustrophobic shower and a noisy Jacuzzi tub might have been all the rage in the 1980s, but savvy remodelers and homeowners today don’t have to put up with these old designs. Today’s showers often provide extra room and feature airy windows and glass walls that create an open, inviting shower, rather than a little closet space.

Likewise, today’s new bathtubs aren’t always the spinning and hectic whirlpools of the past. Homeowners today often choose a subtler soaking tub that offers a relaxing evening, rather than the chaotic, swirling vortex of a Jacuzzi.

Thinking About the Toilet

Bathrooms that offer a limited amount of space tend to restrict where a homeowner may place the toilet versus the bathtub and sink; however, moving major components of the bathroom has become a popular way to create a more hygienic and private space for the toilet.

The design pros at “This Old House” also recommend setting aside part of the remodeling budget for a nice toilet. They recommend finding a toilet with a high Maximum Performance score to ensure the best experience in the “loo.”

They suggest:

“Don’t settle for a wimpy flusher. Maximum Performance testing (MaP) gauges a toilet’s ability to get the job done with just one push of the handle. Look for a loo with a MaP score of 500 or higher; this group includes many WaterSense-rated toilets, high-efficiency models that use as little as half of the 1.6-gallon-per-flush legal limit. “

Fun Extras for the Bathroom

Technology has also invaded new bathroom trends with awesome features like special built-in sound systems around the bathtub and shower, televisions built into the mirror, and warming racks for towels and bathrobes. Automatic faucets, low-flow toilets, and efficient faucets also add an environmentally friendly flair to new bathrooms.

Would you like to know how to turn your old, tired bathroom into a relaxing paradise? Contact Artisan Remodeling, Inc. today for information on how your bathroom remodeling project can create a welcoming and beautiful new space.

Fort Collins Bathroom RemodelingHave you been dreaming of remodeling your bathroom? The idea of taking on such a big project can be overwhelming and intimidating but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring your options. If you still haven’t called a Fort Collins bathroom remodeler about upgrading your Fort Collins home, here are 5 reason to pick up the phone!

1. Boost Your Home Value – A bathroom remodel can garner an 80% return on your investment and help your home sell faster. When potential buyers walk through your home and see a bathroom that is out of date they will see a high price tag added to the purchase price and try to negotiate accordingly. According to Zillow, Colorado home values are increasing, making it the perfect time to invest in your home and your happiness.

2. A Small Update May Be a Major Improvement – Many bathrooms would be substantially better with updated fixtures. Fixtures bring a lot of the style into your space and previous homeowners may have chosen fixtures based on cost or a style that isn’t your preference. Not every bathroom renovation requires a huge investment. Talk to your Fort Collins bathroom remodeler about what minor changes can be made in your bathroom for the biggest results.

3. Your Needs Are Not Being Met – A bathroom is a high traffic area of your home. It is used multiple times a day by every member of your family and if it doesn’t meet your needs, it’s a problem. If you want to add more space or more function to your bathroom you need to talk to a remodeler about what potential you have to expand your space. A remodeling professional may have some ideas for making more space in your bathroom that you have not thought of. Call a Fort Collins bathroom remodeler who offers a free estimate and project consultation.

4. You Need to Remodel for Safety Reasons – When a family member can no longer use the existing bathroom safely without assistance it’s time to upgrade. An age in place bathroom will change the function of your bathroom and make it work for your family for years to come.

5. You Deserve It! – If you have been dreaming of a spa quality bathroom in your home, take the next step and learn more. Requesting a Free Estimate requires no commitment and it will give you a better idea of your how your remodeling budget can change your life!

Artisan Remodeling and Repair: Bathroom Remodeling in Fort Collins, CO

Artisan Remodeling and Repair is a family owned remodeling company with offices in the Fort Collins and Loveland, CO area. Artisan Remodeling and Repair offers a 5 Year Guarantee on all projects and no project is considered complete unless the customer is 100% satisfied with the work!

If you are ready to take the first step towards your new bathroom, contact Artisan Remodeling and Repair today for a Free Estimate. During the estimate process we’ll discuss your vision for the project and share our ideas for your remodel with absolutely no obligation.

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winter remodeling fort collinsYes, it’s the middle of winter, and the colder weather has probably put a stop to your remodeling project —at least the ones that involve working outdoors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be thinking ahead. Why not get a jump-start on spring? Take time now, to walk around the house, or look out your windows, and dream big….

  • Sure, you’ve got a lovely living room, with a fireplace keeping you warm on these cold evenings, but the linoleum on the floor has developed an unintended—and unattractive—pattern of burn marks over the years. Is it time to consider upgrading your living room…perhaps some beautiful distressed wood floors, with an elegant polished-stone apron in front of that nice warm fireplace?
  • Yes, you have your grill tucked away for the winter, but where does it live in warmer weather? Rather than have it taking over part of your well-manicured lawn, why not construct an outdoor cooking space, complete with a nice seating area or bar your friends can lean against—and set their drinks upon—while you are grilling?
  • Watching your cat stare out the kitchen window, twitching her tail as she sees birds at the feeders, you realize that it might be a lot of fun to see her watching fish swim around in that abandoned backyard fishpond you’ve been carefully ignoring for the past three years. Whether it’s simply a matter of fixing a leak, or replacing the entire system, it would be very nice to enjoy all of your yard, come spring….

Whatever you’re envisioning, we can help you make it happen. Believe it or not, midwinter is an excellent time to contact us and begin the planning process. We would not want to get between you and your fireplace, but once the weather is warm enough to enjoy time outdoors, we can be ready to step in and transform that outdated living room floor. If you contact us now, we will be primed to “spring forward” with your remodeling project, be it your outdoor kitchen or abandoned pond, the moment temperatures remain high enough for us to pour the concrete. So contact us about your midwinter dream, and we will help you make it come true.

remodel your unfinished basementYou love your house. It took some time, but you’ve turned it into a real home complete with pencil marks from measuring children’s growth on the bedroom door moldings, and countless wonderful memories. You’ve devoted years to your yard and gardens. Also, you love your neighborhood, your neighbors, and the schools your children attend.

However, as those handmade growth charts reflect, your children are growing and so is their need for space. Between the toys, books, sports equipment and friends that come to hang out for hours on end, you find yourself constantly tripping over things and people. Maybe the thought of moving makes you sad, or isn’t the right thing for your family. There could be countless reasons you may not want to move out of your home. There is a perfect solution to the space problem: basement remodeling Fort Collins.

Imagine a whole other level of space, custom-designed for the needs of your growing family. You could have another bedroom, or two, or a second family room perfect to send the kids to when things get too loud and crowded. In addition, you can entertain for the holidays and invite everyone knowing you have the room. And if mornings have become stressful with so many sharing a bathroom, then just think what an extra shower could do for peace in the family and for your blood pressure.

By turning your basement into living space, you can make your house a comfortable place to come home to once again. It can be a faster, easier process than you might believe. For more information, contact us.

fort collins bathroom remodelingThese bathroom design ideas may sound a bit unusual but they’re actually quite stylish. Artisan Remodeling, your Fort Collins Bathroom Remodeling company, will make the unusual possible.  It doesn’t matter if it hides, stands out or transforms your space–these latest designs will definitely change the way you view your bathroom and allow your personality to shine.

Stand Out

Fireplace:  Television screens are becoming common in bathrooms, so why not a fireplace?  Turns out adding a fireplace is the newest thing for bathrooms.  It’s a great addition for large bathrooms especially in the wintertime.

Pebbled Floor:  Get the spa treatment in your own bathroom with pebbled floors.  It gives the feet a much needed massage with every step.  It’s also very stylish and innovative.

Faux Window:  Windows are a must have in bathrooms as it opens up the space.  For bathrooms with no windows just replace that Van Gogh with a faux window!  This window will bring the outdoors to your bathroom even if it’s nothing more than a painting with glass on top.

Blend In

Medicine Cabinets:  Medicine cabinets tend to stand out. Blend medicine cabinets in with two different ways:  hidden or hung.  Hidden medicine cabinets are simply built into the wall behind the mirror(s). This is a fun idea ideal for any bathroom low on space.

Dresser Vanity:  Vanities are starting to be an option for storage.  An alternative is to use a dresser in the bathroom and add a drop-in sink on top.  Small and large bathrooms can benefit from this trend.  Blend this in with the bathroom decor and make the whole room feel elegant, professional and stylish.

Lighting:  Lighting is still done overhead, but what do you think about illuminating the floor?  A trick being used now is to add lighting to the floor underneath the cabinet, and most people just love the warmth it adds to their space.

Rug:  Don’t want to buy a bath rug?  Place a real rug in the bathroom.  Unlike a bath rug, a living room or hallway rug can withstand more than just water.


Stripes:  Bathrooms are made to be one color, so turning your bathroom into a striped pattern is very unusual.  Still it can work out with the right colors.  Stripes bring flowing movement to a stationary room but not to the point of being “too much.”  Stripes also show that there’s no borderline.  It’s never-ending.  Make this look perfection by choosing two colors that compliment the space and each other while being easy on the eyes.

Wallpaper:  Brightly colored wallpaper with fun, flowing designs will convert the bathroom completely.  It truly shows off your personality and takes you into another world.  With brightly-designed wallpaper balance it out with solid colors.  Make sure the toilet, sink, storage space, bathtub/shower and other bathroom accessories are one solid color.  You don’t want too much going on at one time.

Contact us for more information on trendy bathrooms, and with our help, your bathroom will be one of a kind.