Crooked cupboards driving you batty? Have no fear… the general contractor tips book “HandyManual” is here! by Paul Bilbro on 05/31/11

This is an email I recently received from a couple in Fort Collins hoping to find a solution to their annoying crooked cupboard problem:

Dear Handyman, We have a problem, and we’re hoping it has a simple fix. One of our kitchen-cabinet doors is a bit crooked, leaning slightly inward. It still opens and closes normally, but it looks bad. Any advice? Albus and Kimberly Jansen, Fort Collins, CO


Albus and Kimberly,

Good question. Here are a few things you can try:

• Open the crooked door and look at the hinges. Many hinges have adjustment screws. These don’t screw into the cabinets themselves but move the cabinets horizontally. If your hinges have adjustment screws, loosen the one on the crooked hinge to realign the door.

• Of course, not all hinges have adjustment screws. If yours doesn’t, unscrew the hinge from the crooked portion of the door. Put a shim (a small, flat piece of cardboard, for example) behind the hinge, then reinstall the hinge. This will turn the door slightly inward and straighten it out. If these solutions don’t work, feel free to contact me. Good luck!

The Handyman

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