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The Bilbro Family

Being a family owned and operated business, Artisan Remodeling and Repair in Fort Collins and Loveland knows that the most important thing about a home is who lives in it. So whether you need basement finishing or simply bathroom & kitchen remodeling and repair services, we guarantee that you and your family will be happy with our top-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. If you’d like to meet us individually, check out our bios below. And, of course, you’re always welcome to call us at 970-402-2099 or email us at artisanremodels@gmail.com.

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The Artisan

Many people search and search for their ideal career. I’m lucky, because I never had to. Before I even knew how to spell “artisan,” I loved building things—from Lincoln Log cabins to patios to hardwood floors. And the more I built, the more I discovered my natural talent for it. So when it came time for college, I didn’t dilly-dally choosing a major, and before I could say “granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances,” I was marching across the stage in Moby Gym, capped and gowned, the proud recipient of a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. But after working for a few companies specializing in hospital and office-building construction, I felt a bit uneasy, as if I’d made a mistake. Then I realized why: I didn’t become a contractor to work in boring brick buildings—you know, the kinds of places people are happier leaving than entering. I became a contractor to improve the lives of homeowners, to turn their dreams into realities, to transform their houses into homes. So I got my general contractor’s license, started Artisan Remodeling and Repair, and the rest is history.

Sarah assists with home remodeling and repair planning and design

The Coordinator

Unlike Paul, I’m not one for building. Before I met Paul, I thought a dremel was some sort of game. My job is to listen: When you have a question about our services, when you need help determining a schedule, if you’re curious about our availability, or if you’d just like to plan for a future project, you can count on me. I make sure everything behind the scenes runs smoothly so that Paul can focus on what he does best—fixing doohickeys and crafting thingamabobs.

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The Quality Control Officer

I might not have a lot of experience, but I know good work when I see it. Daddy makes my job easy.





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What? My job title? My vocabulary consists of one word and I can barely stand on my own. Tell you what–give me a few months and I’ll get back to you.